We’re Wellington’s Angel Investment Club – our seventy or so members invest in early stage companies with the potential for rapid global expansion.

We meet regularly to review opportunities, manage our portfolio, exchange war stories and celebrate our ventures’ successes!  We also host a variety of international guests each year to share their experience and build our connections overseas.

We run and participate in networking events, panel discussions and presentations to get to know the amazing entrepreneurs in our community.

On our site, you can find out more about us, apply for membership, apply for funding or get in touch with club manager.

NZX Backs NZ’s Growing Angel Movement

NZX logo

NZX, the operator of New Zealand’s stock exchange, has thrown its support in behind New Zealand’s growing angel movement, by sponsoring the Angel Association of New Zealand (AANZ).

Angels are businesspeople who invest their money and often their time in early-stage and startup companies in order to help them grow and become the next generation of employers and innovators.

This partnership between AANZ and NZX is an important one as it not only provides extra resource to help New Zealand angels develop their skills and networks on a national basis, it also strengthens ties for companies-backed by angel investors with the more formal capital markets, says Marcel van den Assum, an angel investor and chairman of the AANZ.

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Irrigation idea finds fertile ground

This story originally appeared in the New Zealand Herald

Kiwi company uses sensors and software to give each part of a field the precise amount of water it needs .

Isaac Bentwich of Varigate

The world is running out of water. Demand has grown a staggering 60 per cent every decade for the past 50 years, says Isaac Bentwich, chief executive and chairman of a new Wellington-based irrigation software company.
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Wipster launches video software at SXSW festival

This story originally appeared in the New Zealand Herald

Wellington-based start-up Wipster has launched its video sharing software platform globally, just over a year after being founded by filmmaker Rollo Wenlock.

Rollo Wenlock

Wenlock travelled to Texas recently to unveil his cloud-based video review and approval platform at the SXSW festival.

The SXSW festival pulls in some 50,000 visitors – made up of the music, film and interactive industry’s most influential names.

Wenlock says the experience was incredible.

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Data deals with dairying dilemma

This story originally appeared in the New Zealand Herald

Software gives farmers a simple tool to help keep waterways clean
regen farmer


Wellington agritech firm ReGen is helping dairy farmers manage a key issue – disposing of the effluent that cows produce.

The company’s ReGen Effluent system uses on-farm hardware that constantly measures soil moisture, soil temperature and rainfall, then transmits that data to ReGen’s servers, where it is processed by the company’s software.

On-farm systems that record such measurements aren’t new, but ReGen’s innovation lies in its software, which turns the data into a simple daily recommendation. This is sent to the farmer by text message, instructing them either to irrigate effluent out on to their farm, or not. Continue reading Data deals with dairying dilemma

Profile of an Angel

Here is a profile of one of our longest standing members, Sam Knowles. It was first published in the NZVIF publication Young Company Finance 2013. He shares his drivers, experience and some tips for new Angels

Why did you become an Angel Investor?
The reality is I’ve always been a bit of an angel if you mean making private investments in risky ventures. But I formally got involved in angel investment when I helped set up Angel HQ about 7 years ago.

What attracts you to angel investment?
It’s not so much the returns, but the wider societal outcomes Continue reading Profile of an Angel

Open Door Session with Angel HQ . All-comers welcome

We will be running our first Open Door session on Wednesday 16th October from 12pm – 2pm at Caliente (cnr of Willis and Manners).

This is an open, unplanned, no booking required session for you to meet with Angel HQ.  If you are interested in exploring what it would take to get in front of the club or how the process works for investee companies. We will have a member or two and our manager ready to take your questions and find out more about your business.

We take applications at any time but this is an opportunity to speak directly to a member and plan from there.

We don’t know who is coming so please be patient if you have to wait – or you might just get 2 hours to yourself! Spread the news and we hope to see you there.